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Community and Opportunities

In 2005, Hurricane Wilma slammed into Mexico's Caribbean coast, causing extensive damage and leaving hundreds of people homeless, including Posadas employees. At the time, many people within the company offered aid and support. This was the beginning of the Posadas Foundation.

For 16 years, the Foundation has worked to provide financial and in-kind support to programs designed to improve health and education in Mexico and to provide special assistancein the communities around our hotels

Since its formal founding in 2006, Posadas Foundation has supported more than 4,500 children and young people. It channels its support to the following areas: + Children fighting cancer, in collaboration with the Mexican Association for Aid to Children with Cancer (AMANC). + Financing serious and urgent surgeriesfor children who cannot be cared for by public health services in a timely manner. + Support for medical conditions that are not treated by public institutions. + 1,500 hours of therapy each year to children suffering from disease or disability. + Financing eye exams and low-cost glasses through the program "Better to see you." + Financing hearing exams, hearing problem detection, medical support and hearing aids through the program "I hear better today." + Assisting and supporting homeless families affected by natural disasters.

Since its inception, Posadas Foundation's educational programs have helped more than 1,700 children and young people. Through the program "A chance to study," it provides assistance to low-income children and youth at all educational levels, from elementary schooling to graduate or technical degrees.

Fundación Posadas ha apoyado a más de In addition to issues of health and education, Posadas Foundation has also helped more than 636,000 children through its collaboration with and support of other foundations

  • "Fulfilling Dreams"provides lodging and meals for Mexican children with terminal illnesses.
  • "Mazahua Foundation" and "Help and solidarity for homeless girls"provides financial support for the disenfranchised.
  • Many additional institutionsreceive grants and in-kind donations such as free accommodations and material goods from Posadas' hotels.

Not only does Posadas have the best employees, we also havethe best guests.

Our employees participate by donating their time, one of their biggest assets. Each year Posadas team members come together to create a space that they share with children of foster homes and they also help rebuild and replace homes that were lost in natural disasters.

Our guests support these efforts with cash donations. These contributions help continue Posadas Foundation's efforts to build a better future for children and young Mexicans.

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