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A shared service center, Conectum is run by Posadas' administrative and accounting divisions. Built upon world-class technology, Conectum stands as a model of Posadas' finely tuned international business expertise.

  • Conducts more than 5 million transactions annually.
  • Supports more than 250 corporate clients.

Operates more than 250 business units across several industries including hotels, restaurants, vacation clubs, real estate and corporate administration.


As Posadas' communication and connection headquarters, Konexo maintains two call centers boasting more than 1,800 agents, each ensuring the highest quality and attention to your needs.

Konexo utilizes:

  • Cutting edge phone and instant messaging technology.
  • Phone call and system monitoring to ensure quality.
  • CDIK training center agents.
  • Service flexibility allows clients to run sales campaigns, provide customer support, manage information, conduct telemarketing efforts, and manage just about any need involving customer communications and client contact.


As Posadas' strategic supply sourcing and procurement division, Summas is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the supply of critical resources and materials to Posadas' hotels and clients.
  • Negotiating improved terms and conditions for purchasing operating supplies and capital expenditures.
  • Ensuring that purchases meet all standards and requirements.
  • Reducing operating costs without sacrificing quality. Since it began in 2010, Summas has reduced Posadas' total supplier count by more than 60%, giving the company greater administrative control in the process.

Beyond that, Posadas has implemented a world-class technology platform, allowing it to monitor and measure company expenditures and ensuring that it stays focused on its priorities and objectives.