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Socially Responsible Company Distinction for 6th consecutive year

At Posadas we believe in the importance of the environment, the transcendence of the activities we carry out in the communities in which we operate, and in the conservation of natural resources. Therefore, we have implemented a sustainability strategy that we uphold year after year.

Moreover, we seek to raise awareness in the tourism sector of the need to adopt a sustainable development work ethos, since the fundamental concept of tourism projects –considering integration and conservation of ecosystems, safekeeping of the culture and way of life of communitiescontributes to the selfsame profitability of the investments.

Thus, we have integrated efforts in all of our business units and have aligned social, economic and environmental practices through our Sustainability Committee, whose principal objective is to foster and put into practice actions for impressing a true sustainability culture on both, the business and the stakeholders we interact with (associates, suppliers, clients, shareholders, investors and partners).

we seek to raise awarness in the tourism sector, of the need to adopt a sustainable development work ethos.

Integration and benefit are two lines of work that translate into initiatives that are essential to the Posadas business strategy.

We integrate our associates, suppliers, guests, community and authorities in benefit of current and future generations. To do this, we resort to our social responsibility practices in the economic, social and environmental fields as well to those in the personal and professional ones.

In Posadas we uphold a commitment with environmental care: we are the tourism company with the greatest number of hotels holding the “Calidad Ambiental Turística” (Tourism Environmental Quality) certification from the Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (PROFEPA); 12 of our hotels have been recognized with the ‘S’ Distinction which guarantees sustainability; and all of our hotels bear the Green Key international distinction, the leading sustainability standard in the international hospitality industry. This distinction guarantees compliance with the international standards established by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Social Commitment

In the social sphere, we continue with our commitment to the implementation of the National Conduct Code for the Protection of Children and Teenagers in the Travel and Tourism Sector.


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Community Outreach

Through the Posadas Foundation, we contribute to the development of Mexico developing initiatives to improve the quality of life of people in vulnerable conditions, focusing our efforts on health, education, housing construction, and disaster relief.


In 2018, the Posadas Foundation supported 1,322 persons through the following initiatives:


We granted comprehensive educational support to 667 children and young people from low-income families, of which two managed to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. In addition, we granted scholarships to 106 adults wishing to finish high school through our Otra Oportunidad para Estudiar program.

Disaster Relief

In the wake of the heavy rains and hurricanes that hit Michoacan, the State of Mexico, and Mexico City in 2018, the Posadas Foundation supported 10 affected families of diverse communities by providing them with construction material and household goods.


For the second time our Volunteer Program had a nationwide scope. This time it was attended by 3,377 volunteers (53% morethan in 2017) in benefit of 14,000 persons in vulnerable situation.

Furthermore, we visited foster homes, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, food banks and diverse communities.

The following are some of the volunteer activities we carried out in 2018:

In 2018, in partnership with the Grupo Mexico Foundation, we once again participated in the reforestation program at Huixquilucan, State of Mexico, planting this time 20,000 trees.

Furthermore, we promoted the participation of our guests, who provided their generous support through cash donations to the Posadas Foundation contributing to a better future for Mexican families.

Other programs

In 2018 we implemented other initiatives focused on improving our natural and social environment; some of these are:

In addition, we have benefitted around 4 million persons through our support for other thirty foundations, with among other actions, the donation of 644 room nights and 2,900 linens no longer used in hotels of the Group

Alliances for México

In order to make a greater impact on the development of the country, the Posadas Foundation continues to be part of the Red de Fundaciones Empresariales and of AMEXCID’s Alianza por la Sostenibilidad.

Environmental Care and Preservation

Grupo Posadas works under a sustainable tourism model with which we have positioned ourselves as leaders in environmental matters.

We have construction and operations manuals that determine the use of materials, finishings, equipment and high-tech facilities, as well as administrative and operational procedures that help to minimize impact on the natural and social environment and allow us to advance in protecting and caring for the environment.





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Through a cooperation agreement with the Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (PROFEPA), we continue the certification of our hotels for Tourism Environmental Quality, which requires the implementation of policies, regulations, and federal, state, and local laws, as well as the implementation of diverse means of process control and evaluation. Among these are keeping a record of fossil fuel, electricity, gas and water consumption, and keeping an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in the Registro Nacional de Emisiones (National Emissions Registry).

Green Hotels

In 2018 we continued to work on initiatives for our Green hotels; some of these are:

We have received the following recognitions for our Green initiatives:

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