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We are a socially responsible company invested in Mexico's growth and development. Not only do we provide benefits to our employees and guests, but we also offer them to society in general, providing support for health and education programs and helping our communities in times of natural disasters.


Fundación Posadas

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Community and Opportunities

In 2005, Hurricane Wilma slammed into Mexico's Caribbean coast, causing extensive damage and leaving hundreds of people homeless, including Posadas employees. At the time, many people within the company offered aid and support. This was the beginning of the Posadas Foundation.

For 10 years, the Foundation has worked to provide financial and in-kind support to programs designed to improve health and education in Mexico and to provide special assistancein the communities around our hotels


Since its inception, Posadas Foundation's educational programs have helped more than 1,700 children and young people. Through the program "A chance to study," it provides assistance to low-income children and youth at all educational levels, from elementary schooling to graduate or technical degrees.

Other programs

Fundación Posadas ha apoyado a más de In addition to issues of health and education, Posadas Foundation has also helped more than 636,000 children through its collaboration with and support of other foundations

  • "Fulfilling Dreams"provides lodging and meals for Mexican children with terminal illnesses.
  • "Mazahua Foundation" and "Help and solidarity for homeless girls"provides financial support for the disenfranchised.
  • Many additional institutionsreceive grants and in-kind donations such as free accommodations and material goods from Posadas' hotels.

Not only does Posadas have the best employees, we also havethe best guests.

Our employees participate by donating their time, one of their biggest assets. Each year Posadas team members come together to create a space that they share with children of foster homes and they also help rebuild and replace homes that were lost in natural disasters.

Our guests support these efforts with cash donations. These contributions help continue Posadas Foundation's efforts to build a better future for children and young Mexicans.

Fundación Posadas

Respect for the environment is one of Posadas' core values. Our construction and operation guidelines are very specific concerning the proper use of materials, finishes and chemicals, equipment and facilities, policies and other procedures. All have been designed to minimize harmful environmental and social impacts and to help us constantly pursue improvements in our operating efficiency and waste reduction.

These efforts all come together in an enterprise that perfectly balances the needs, values and expectations of our hotel owners and partners, the operating staff, each hotel's neighboring communities, and the environment itself. Our success in each of these areas is vital to creating true "Sustainable Tourism."

Sustainable construction
Human Safety

+ Observes national and international environmental building standards and equipment requirements (PC, STPS, SENER, NFPA, NEC, ADA). + Installs facilities for people with disabilities. + Implements sufficient evacuation routes and safety features for rooms, dining facilities, public areas, and services areas in order to safeguard all guests and employees. + Installs and maintains all regulated fire safety equipment and materials including fire pump systems, alarms, fire and smoke detectors, and fire doors. + Treats materials such as carpets, fabrics, mattresses, doors, drywall, stamps, and others with fire-retardant chemicals. + Equips buildings and evacuation routes with photo-luminescent signage that is both audible and visual. + Equips facilities with firefighting equipment and protective gear (helmet, jacket, helmet, gloves, boots, SCBA, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, stretcher, and others). + Provides and facilitates training and exercise drills to fire brigade members

Environmental responsibility

+Measures and analyzes of energy consumption (electricity, LPG, natural gas, diesel and water). +Measures and analyzes greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and tons of CO2. +Measures and analyzes environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gases (GHG). +Measures and analyzes social impact by reducing energy consumption (electricity, LPG, natural gas, diesel and water). +Implements energy-saving guidelines (electricity, LPG, natural gas, diesel and water). +Manages programs to separate, temporarily store, and ultimately dispose of organic, inorganic and dangerous waste. +Manages programs to safely store chemicals, paints and fuels. +Manages programs to select and store biodegradable cleaning, maintenance and fumigation chemicals. +Participates in organic awareness program to inform guests about the impact of daily washing of sheets and towels. +Considers environmental sustainability requirements when selecting suppliers. +Manages the use, temporary storage, and disposal of used cooking oil. +Analyzes wastewater, combustible gas in heaters, and PCBs in transformers, among other waste items. +Trains staff on environmental stewardship.


+ Quality Environmental Tourism (certificate issued by PROFEPA). + Hydro-Sustainable Hotel (from the renowned Helvex Foundation). + National Award for Energy Savings (prize issued by CFE). + Competitiveness in Environmental Leadership (recognition issued by SEMARNAT). + Equipment for fire protection, alarms and detection (certificate issued by FTech). + Internal civil protection program (accreditation issued by Civil Protection).

Publications and Associations

Publications: + Green Business (a publication of Power and Business magazine). + Corporate Environmental Responsibility "Posadas Hotels Case" (a publication of Universidad Autónoma of Mexico State).
Associations: +Green Hotels (registered on Green Hotels page promoted by SEMARNAT).

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