Posadas represents the very finest in hospitality, and we always pay special attention to our guests. We offer comprehensive business services and vacation programs designed to meet the high standards of leisure travelers and frequent business travelers alike. Posadas welcomes you and invites you to discover an amazing experience at any of our fine hotels.



Live Aqua

This exclusive hotel concept opens the doors to all your senses. At Live Aqua, your desires determine the type of stay you will have. The refined details will win you over and create memorable moments along the way. The cuisine, relaxation, aromas and little comforts you will find help to restore your balance and maximize your experience, whether you're visiting the cosmopolitan bustle of Mexico City or the beachside charm of the Caribbean. Choose to be yourself -- choose Live Aqua for the personal service, genuine atmosphere and luxury. It's subtly enchanting.



Grand Fiesta Americana

Designed for travelers seeking true luxury in an exclusive atmosphere, Grand Fiesta Americana debuted in 1998. Noted for special touches and unique amenities, the hotels focus on delivering an excellent, high-quality personal service and unrivaled hospitality. Its grand and luxurious facilities are the jewels in the crown of Fiesta Americana's five-star hotel properties.



Fiesta Americana

The five-star hotels of Fiesta Americana blend Mexican hospitality and architecture with the service, charm and quality of the world's finest hotels. Warm, casual and friendly, the hotel and its staff will ensure your stays are perfect at these beautiful venues in Mexico's famous beaches and resort towns.



Fiesta Inn

Custom-designed to fulfill the needs of modern business travelers, Fiesta Inn offers "Business Class" service at more than 60 hotels across Mexico. Both the concept and the service help make sure that guests can remain connected at all times and achieve success on their trips, while still being able to find rest and relaxation on the road.




Fiesta Inn Loft

Fiesta Inn Hotel & Loft is a new hotel concept created for business travelers who are away from home for an extended period of time. The hotels feature spacious loft-style rooms that offer a relaxing break after a busy day, along with friendly service and other comforts that make you feel at home. Fiesta Inn Hotel & Loft goes beyond what you would expect to find at a normal hotel to make sure long-term business travelers have an enjoyable and memorable stay with us.





Gamma is a collection of hotels backed by the creators of the classic brands Fiesta Americana and Fiesta Inn. The hotels offer quality accommodations that blend with the destination, whether in a colonial town, modern city or lively beach resort. The hotels cater to guests seeking a local experience, where they can be independent and follow their own tastes, dreams and desires. GAMMA hotels offer a stylish and relaxing atmosphere, with small and intimate spaces that reflect the flavor and tradition of the destinations they serve.





An innovative three-star hotel concept, One Hotels opened its first property in Monterrey, Nuevo León, in December 2006. Simple, efficient and affordable, One Hotels are perfect for people traveling on a budget who seek a peaceful rest before moving to the next stop on their journey.



The Explorean

Blending romance, adventure and luxury with the natural surroundings of the Mayan jungle, The Explorean unlocks the imagination and a passion for life. A unique concept, this remote hotel is nestled amongst the birds, stars, lakes and wildlife of the jungle, but without holding back on comfort and service. Guests explore the waterways on catamarans, kayaks and boats; discover remote and historic Mayan sites, hike through the jungle and the resort grounds, spy birds and wildlife, rappel on rock walls, cycle through the forest, and take in the natural air. Visiting The Explorean is unique and unforgettable experience made possible by Fiesta Americana.


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