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Our professional support team is available to help travel agencies in Mexico and abroad, offering insider expertise, easy bookings and other helpful assistance.

Specialized Travel Agency Services

Our relationships with international travel agencies and agents are extremely important to us. Our expert team stands at the ready to assist these valued partners.

  • 1.      Expert support team specializes in travel agency bookings ¿ wholesale and retail.
  • 2.     Commissions are paid monthly through our central office.
  • 3.     Our central reservations group pays attention to detail and offers expert care to agents.

1. Specialized Support Team

Dedicated teams at Posadas offer specialized care and support to both Mexican and international travel agencies. Services include:

  • + Scheduling and arranging periodic visits to agencies.
  • + Negotiating wholesale pricing at reduced rates.
  • + Providing training and instruction at agencies' call centers.
  • + Providing promotional materials that help agencies market Posadas Hotels to their clients.

2. Centralized Commission Payment for Travel Agencies

Each month, our Central Payment Office consolidates all commissions across our hotel network and pays all of them with a single payment to each agency. All reservations and commissions for the month are itemized, simplifying agencies' accounting operations.

Program Benefits:

  • + Commissions are calculated exactly as agreed by a centralized, automated system, ensuring that we offer a consistent process for all the hotels in our system.
  • + Payment is simple, easy and timely.
  •      - Single monthly payment includes all qualifying reservations at all Posadas hotels for the given month.
  •      - Payment is made to domestic Mexico agencies via bank transfer and to internal agencies via check.
  • + All questions, comments and requests can be directed to specialized Posadas representatives, accessible by calling (800) 343-0743(800) 343-0743or emailing
  • + Booking and commission payment status can easily be checked online at for Mexican agencies and for international agencies.
  • + Online tools are also available so that you can easily update your agency and accounts receivable details and ensure consistent delivery of your monthly commission payment.
  • + Mexican agencies earning commissions less than 50,000 pesos can receive payment without submitting an invoice.

3. Central Reservations Group Specializing in Travel Agent Services

Dedicated members of our team specialize in assisting travel agents. They are experts at handling the needs of Posadas' most valued clients.

  • + Toll-free number staffed by travel agent booking experts: (800) 343-0743(800) 343-0743.
  • + Efficient and streamlined reservation process, designed to meet agent needs.
  • + Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • + Service standards are clearly defined and monitored, to ensure that we consistently provide effective and efficient care to all travel agent clients.